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Senin, 05 Januari 2009


Breast cancer is the second most types of cancer suffered by the women of Indonesia. This type is a disease that most women can. Breast cancer comes from the gland, channel and network supporting the breast, but not including the breast skin.

Although not known with certainty the main causes of breast cancer, presumably need to know the risk factors that can increase the occurrence of breast cancer, as listed below:

1. Get the first menstruation at the age of less than 10 years.

2. Off (stop menstruation) after 50 years old.

3. Never bear a child.

4. Birth to first child at the age of 35 years.

5. Never breastfeeding children.

6. Experienced breast surgery due to the benign tumors. 7.

7. The last factor is descendants.

This examination of early cancer can you do in your own home. Some methods (stand facing the mirror and lie) can select your own.

A. Stand facing the mirror, do the following:

1. Pay attention to your breast accurately in front of the mirror, without clothes with both hands straight down or straight to the top of the lift.

2. Pay attention to your breast shape, see if there are changes in form or there is a Lump.

3. Observed carefully, because you identify yourself that your body.

B. Lie, follow the steps below:

1. Lie down with the right hand below the head.
2. Place a small pillow under the back right.
3. Grope the entire surface of your breast with a movement play clockwise. Note that if there is a suspicious Lump.

When the inspection there is on the gaffe on your breast, then immediately check yourself to the doctor.

  1. Cancer is found in the stadium early (with the size of tumors less than 1 cm) can be dealt with quickly and properly, even easier to provide treatment and the hope that greater healing.
  2. Do not delay medical advice (If have to undergo surgery), because it will provide the opportunity for the cancer to grow up and become a stadium increasingly difficult to be cured.

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