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Jumat, 06 Maret 2009


Imagine if you participate in a discussion. When you start sharing the fascinating facts below, your friends will really be surprised.

Tamoxifen is well known in the trade as Nolvadex, is usually prescribed by specialists in the field of breast cancer and are in the form of a pill. A drug that the patient remains in about five years.

Frequent cancer of women will be tested to see if he is sensitive to the amount of estrogen in the system. If the cancer is estrogen sensitive, tamoxifen will be given.

Because tamoxifen is a weak estrogen and estrogen signal is not very stimulating cell growth. And because it was stolen from a place much more powerful estrogen, it blocks estrogen-stimulated growth of cancer cells. In this way, tamoxifen acts as an "anti-estrogen."

Tamoxifen can also take the estrogen receptors of healthy breast cells. In a way that holds the growth of the activity, and probably will stop abnormal growth and development of new breast cancer. By blocking natural estrogen to the receptors, tamoxifen is useful in reducing the risk of breast cancer in women at high risk who do not have breast cancer. This may also help women who have breast cancer in one breast by a decrease in the risk of breast cancer in the other form the new breast.

Now that the aspects discussed, let us turn to some other factors to consider.

A study showed that radiation plus tamoxifen is better than tamoxifen alone in reducing the risk of breast cancer returns after a lumpectomy women with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. This includes women with very small cancers.

For pre-menopausal women, tamoxifen is the best hormonal therapy. But tamoxifen is not the first choice for post-menopausal women. If you are in the tamoxifen for two to three years and are now in menopause, the doctor may recommend that you switch to the aromatase inhibitor around five years hormonal therapy. You can still benefit a lot if you take tamoxifen for up to five years and then to an aromatase inhibitor.

Tamoxifen was first used to fight breast cancer at the Christie Hospital in Manchester, England, in 1969. It is worthwhile as a means of stopping the spread or recurrence of disease of women who are treated for.

But he saw in the early 1980s that some women the drug for breast cancer in a tumorous growth of the other. This prompted suggestions that tamoxifen, a preventive role for women at risk of getting breast cancer, but there were no signs of developing the disease.

Now you can understand why there is a growing interest in. When people go looking for more information, you will be able to meet their needs.

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