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Minggu, 01 Maret 2009


The only way to compete with the latter is on hold for a stay in the lookout for new information. If you read everything you believe, it will not take long for you to influential authority.

Prevention of breast cancer is important for women to know, especially since breast cancer is the cancer usually occurs in women. American Cancer Society's website reports that more than two hundred thousand women are diagnosed with this disease in 2006 and there are more than two million women in the United States have received treatment for breast cancer. With numbers this staggering, preventing cancer, a priority for all women.

Thank you for all the new treatments available for women, mortality from breast cancer has declined in recent years. In deciding how this reduction of the possibility of developing breast cancer, you should consider the risk factors you. A risk factor is something that may increase the risk of someone developing cancer.

Some risk factors can be controlled, but others considered to be irresistible. Uncontrollable risk factors are age, sex, family history, genetic make-up, race and even personal medical history. Lifestyle risk usually fall in the "controlled" category.

This is not enough exercise, because obesity, eating foods high in fat, use birth control and smoking. It is important to look at your lifestyle and family to determine whether you are vulnerable to any of the risk factors.

There are several medications available for women within the high risk factors for breast cancer. Drug tamoxifen is used in the United States for more than twenty-five years to help in the fight to prevent breast cancer. Done drugs once a day pill and interferes with the female hormone estrogen, to ensure that committed themselves to cells in the breast in the network.

It may also be used to treat women already diagnosed with breast cancer because it can slow or stop the growth of cancer cells. Tamoxifen even attributed to help prevent recurrence in women who previously suffered from breast cancer.

If you do not have accurate information about you is a bad choice on the subject. Do not let that happen: keep reading.

A more general way to prevent breast cancer through mammograms. A mammogram is the x-ray of the breast and is the most common form of prevention. Women are more than forty years mammograms in the year.

For women in the twenty and thirty of the American Cancer Society recommended the site for a clinical breast exam at least every three years from medical professionals. The test was conducted using the tips of the fingers to check the entire breast area and under arms.

In addition to mammograms and clinical breast exam, women should breast self-examination tests per month to recognize the signs of any lumps or abnormalities in the network.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC), which can help women who fall into the lower level of poverty, the uninsured or lack access to screening for breast cancer. The program is called the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program.

CDC tout the website has more than two million women under this program began in 1991. In 2000, Congress expanded this service by opening it to women on Medicaid. This breast cancer Control Act, officially entitled Breast Prostheses and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act, is a way to help women with less access to health care quality, has a chance in the breast and cervical cancer prevention.

Prevention of breast cancer can be a simple way to help you live a healthy life. Although not all risk factors are controlled, there are ways to help you recognize the signs of cancer. Is smart and know your body so you can live free of cancer.

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