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Rabu, 04 Maret 2009


So what is all about? Following this report contains some interesting information about - info you can use not only the goods they have to say.

Most Underarm antiperspirants contain the active ingredient, Aluminum Chlorohydrate, because you'll probably forget, there is controversy over the aluminum, since 1950, when a popular metal used for making cooking pots, pans and Fry Pans and that one of the factors that contribute to Alzheimer's disease, we now have another problem that may also be associated with the aluminum breast cancer.

Research shows that one of the causes of breast cancer can use antiperspirants. The human body has a number of areas, which is used to toxins from the body, that is, behind the knees, behind the ear, in the groin area and armpits. The toxins are removed from the body in the form of sweat and antiperspirants as the name clearly indicates that you perspiring, thereby inhibiting the body from purging Toxins from the armpit area.

Toxin Weapons is not only lost, but the body of deposits in the lymph nodes under the arm, because they can not sweat out. A concentration of Toxins then build on areas such as armpits, which can then lead to cell mutations, which is a cancer.

Think about what you've read so far. Does this reinforce what you already know about? Or was there something new? What about the remaining paragraphs?

Can not be ignored, that nearly all breast cancer tumors occur in the upper outer quadrant of the breast area, this is where lymph nodes are. Men are usually less (but not completely exempt) to develop breast cancer by the use of antiperspirants, because the anti-is more likely to be caught in the armpit hair, rather than directly applied to the skin, but women who shave their armpits increase the risk of nicks caused by imperceptable in the skin, which easily chemicals in the body through the armpits.

This article is mainly aimed at women, but note that there are a few antiperspirants on the market are made of natural materials, but essentially still trap the Toxins in the same area. The best solution is the use of deodorants, antiperspirants or even you can not forget that important Eight Sugars in Glyconutrients can also help remove Toxins.

There is much controversy on this article, the medical profession scoff at the idea and so do the large companies, but then again there are many people who grimace at the problems associated with fluoride in drinking water. You can use your own eyes or there is some information in this article or not, if I knew that I am a woman, I will eschew antiperspirants. I realize that doctors everywhere, does a very good job, and they valued, but they are reluctant for a bigger picture, also note that the fourth largest cause of death in the western world for prescription drugs.

Day will come when you use something that you can read here to have a positive impact. So you like you took the time to learn more.

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