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Jumat, 13 Februari 2009


the term may scare away more for every woman. Other diseases of women, it seems that breast cancer is one of the very common and there are grater risk for them to die or to get an operation. Although at this time advanced medical technology to help many women safe from this disease, but it is one of many who do not want to go.

When women of 45 years, which only begin to realize the disease and usually go to the doctor for a checkup. However, the tendency to use methods of prevention so that they have less opportunity now has become very familiar with many of the experts on the medical treatment also supports this system. This is relevant to the implementation of the action when a woman doctor to control breast cancer. In most cases a medical examination results will be to them if they have risk of breast cancer or not. If they want to take the risk, the doctor will recommend you to use the first method of prevention rather than treatment advice on the use of the system or cancer of the operation immediately. However, it still depends on the characteristics of risk, if the doctor can see the risks involved in the initial stage of cancer in May advises patients to have an operation.

And what happens in general. Now I want to talk about the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, which now seems to be the most practical and the desire of all people. However, it seems that there is no indication that the specific terms of the specific methods that people should make the protection effective. The advice can be found throughout the world is to eat good food, after that exercise and keeping the mind cool and relaxed.

If we can see here, can not be too interesting for us because they are very common methods that every person can do. People tend to expect to see a new type of alternative treatment of this council. However, in reality, this council does not seem appealing, but I think many people can do very effectively, even for patients who have cancer, but can not follow simple as that.

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