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Senin, 23 Februari 2009


The more you on any issue, which is increasingly interesting. If you read this article you will find that the subject is certainly no exception.

Dinner time and a lot of things that I like. My wife is in bed for recovery from breast cancer, the surgeon said he can not get the whole tumor and the surgery which means a more-know-what-more, my business is in bad shape and so we finance I was the house of each of the animals to be carried out, eating, or after the pick-up, and I'm tired and hungry. "GLUT" is good, but does not begin to describe my state of mind.

I do what I do every night before I start the night: I got on TV to watch the news while I work. As I eat dogs and cats, and some of the soup made for Chris, I think my tension and I started feeling a little nervous, and well, nuts. I stopped a moment to try to find out what is going on and I heard the news interviewing women who disappeared from the family. Next is the story of two people dead in their car, followed by a story of horrific traffic accident, complete with video.

When I was on the news that makes me more worried than I was! TV news has tended to be quite serious: murder, rape, age, accident, fire, war, corrupt politicians, injustice, theft ... and before the first commercial! This is something that I think we all know even better, but I want to know how many of us realize we have only the effect on hearing all this negativity. Watching the news is pretty much a habit, and like many habits we do not always recognize the people who hurt us.

But watching the news I did not before, not so natural, what is happening here? Let us think of stress as the water in the pot, and we are good as long as the pot does not overflow. More stress, more water. And, for the analogy, let us say that the news is a cup of water. If we pour the water into the empty cup pot is not a problem. But if the pot is half full is a different story.

I was pretty full pot because all the uncertainty and confusion in my life. When I add a cup of water from the news than the start, and I believe that. Under normal circumstances, the pot is empty and the pressure of the news does not really make a difference, I just do not see anything in the grand scheme.

Back to the story. I saw a remote on the table and hit me: all I have to do is press a button and a few, such as magic, news will be lost. What is the concept! First I tried the "channel" button, and saw two people who were interviewed about the recent hurricanes destroyed their homes and everything they have. Oops, not my search.

I think what you've read so far is informative. The following must be well for each cardinal direction of uncertainty that may remain.

I pressed the button again, and there is a standup comedian doing his act for many. Much better! Now, not ADDING to my stress with a sad, frightening or frustrating stories, my TV is to reduce stress with laughter sound.

I feel better and enjoy the comedy which I work. When he began to bomb. Subject matter has changed into something that, frankly, I find not very amusing. I felt myself TENSING up, so ... back to the magic button!

I started "surfing" on the channel: infomercial, remote capture list, golf, soap, soccer, sports interviews, amazing insects ... Goddamn! All things annoying and / or uninteresting to me, so I find myself staring idly at the remote control in the hands. I realize that there are some other interesting button on the remote.

Red button TV changed completely. Gee, I never thought that! I like the TV business and usually is.

I can reduce volume, the impact of the program. In fact, this is very effective in reducing stress, because the volume is much less encouraging, and more stimulation is part of the problem.

Here is the point: you have control over the potential sources of stress. If you watch television, always know whether the cause of your stress, and as it is, change the channel or turn it off. Want the news? I think it is important to know current events, but if you are dealing with serious personal situation that I think is important to protect yourself first. Not much you can do about most of the problems you hear, so that the best things you can do is try to create your own little world is the best and leave the rest of the world can maintain itself for a run.

The magic button on the remote to power - use it!

Of course not everything just an article. But you can not deny that you just added to the understanding, and time with both.

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