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Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009


If you are seriously interested in learning about, we must look beyond the fundamentals. This informative article takes a closer look at the things you should know about.

Facts that have been affected by the officer between 5-10% of the genetic structure of the breast due to the threat of an individual. Although the percentage seems relatively low, the actual number is high enough to quickly many men and women to make repeated examinations. Yes, even men can hire breast sarcoma. This only happens about 7%, as regularly as women, but does not occur and kill 12,000 people every year.

Therefore, a simple woman who improve opportunities in relation to breast cancer in men 133:1. A system that indicates that it is most likely a substantial percentage of high estrogen and progesterone in women. These hormones play in the position of the mass and it is difficult to prove that when moving out of control, such as breast oxide.

One of the genetic characteristics of a part of the surface will probably not see a genetic first is the rise of companies that accompanies aging. Grow, and the results of what is on the way, is influenced by genetics of an individual. Researchers have determined that genetics determines the physiology of the individual and the opportunities in this important task in the process of aging.

Approximately 17% of breast cancer, and damage that occurs to women in the 40s. However, a huge 78% of the disease in their 50 years or more. Not surprising that, for now. It is always more to learn about cancer can get the old one. The treatment does not have a tour of all the testimony, however. It is incorrect to say that 78% of women 50 or older get breast disaster. At present, the amount of approximately 1 in 12 or only 8%.

If you are confused by what you have to read this, do not despair. Everything must be clear when finished.

A leader does not jeopardize the genetic factors derived from normal genes, show that comes from genetic mutations. The day to day is marked genetic mutations BRCA1 and BRCA1. Genes play a role in making this examination of an abnormal protein, the tumor cells. Mutations or changes in the ability of genes to improve the door so the door of opportunity to increase the recruitment of breast sarcoma. Some investigations have determined that changes have been made about the dangers of each breast to develop in the face of up to 80%.

In general, mutations that are inherited and not how a person's environment, diet or other factors that can be controlled. Tizón breast that women have been the mother of a larger effort to develop on their own terms. Of course, women do not inherit the genes of the brothers, but they have siblings who have contracted the disease does not increase over time.

Additional genes that can be modified to perform the function of ATM (ataxia-telangiectasia mutation). This implies that the gene plays in the position of the DNA strands reimbursed. The pile of toxic breast is doubled when the other Chek-2 gene mutation. Mutations in the p53 gene is probably due to the fuel plant in the suppression of tumor growth. Fortunately, all this happens, it is likely very low.

Until advances in gene therapy, something that can not be men or women to make changes in the genes that dice. However, it is able to explain the factors that meant the information required to make a diagnosis. Knowing that you have the bank account of a family that includes individuals with Cowden syndrome, for example, give you more reasons for initial and repeated examinations.

You can not predict when knowing something about the extra help will come. If you learn something new about the keyword% in this article, you must submit the article where you can find it again.

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